Genolier Cancer Center

Genolier Cancer Center

State-of-the-art equipment

Equipped with a remarkable state-of-the-art medical and technical platform, in a very modern structured and efficient operational framework, with 106 day-beds and ambulatory care, the Genolier Cancer Center provides patients with care whose reputation continues to grow both in Switzerland and internationally.

With the creation of the Genolier Cancer Center at the Clinique Genolier, Swiss Medical Network is strengthening its position as a leading player in Swiss and international oncology.


Tumor Boards

Tumor Boards are organized on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and bring together all the diagnostic and therapeutic disciplines involved in the decision-making process for each patient, usually with personal participation of external doctors, or a live participation mediated by videoconference. Participation in the activities of the Genolier Cancer  Center is open to healthcare providers on the basis of quality criteria. Doctors interact according to the rules of ethics and collegiality.

Tumor Board - Digestive & General  Tumors: Tuesdays, mornings, on a weekly basis (excluding public holidays)

Tumor Board - Pneumology: Wednesday, mornings, on a bi-weekly basis (excluding public holidays)

Tumor Board - Urology: Wednesdays, at noon, on a bi-monthly basis (except public holidays)

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