Dr méd. Thierry Roth

MD, Thoracic and Visceral Surgeon


English, French, German

Work experience

2005 Fellowships visceral surgery: Hospital St-Antoine in Paris (Prof. E. Tiret)
2001–2005 Fellowships thoracic surgery: Hospital Hotel-Dieu in Paris (Prof. J.-F. Regnard)
2001 Fellowships thoracic surgery: Hospital Marie Lannelongue in Paris (Prof. P. Dartevelle)
2000–2006 Staff Surgeon: University Hospital of Berne (Prof. R. Schmid/Prof. D. Candinas) Switzerland
1998–1999 Staff Surgeon: Hospital of Neuchatel (Prof. P. Tschantz), Switzerland
1997–1998 Fellowships visceral surgery: Hospital Princess Grace in Monaco (Prof. C. Huguet)
1995–1997 Staff Surgeon: Regional Hospital of Aigle (Dr C.-H. Ruegsegger), Switzerland
1992–1993 Cantonal Hospital of Fribourg, Switzerland
1991–1995 Residency: Regional Hospital of Morges, Switzerland
1988–1991 Residency: University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland
1987–1988 Residency: Hospital La Tour, Geneva, Switzerland


1998 Diploma of Digestive Oncology, University of Nice, France
1994 Graduation to Medical Doctor
1981–1987 Medical School in University of Geneva, Switzerland


2006 Swiss Board of Specialist in Thoracic Surgery
2006 Swiss Board of Specialist in Visceral Surgery
2002 European Board in Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
1995 Swiss Board of General Surgery

  • Abdominal wall surgery (hernia: TEP/TAPP/open)
  • Lung resection (lobectomy/pneumectomy)
  • Oesogastric surgery (oesophagectomy/Nissen lap)
  • Mediastinal and chest wall resection (tumor)
  • Hepatobiliary surgery (chole lap/liver/pancreas)
  • Chest wall deformities (Nuss procedure/TOS)
  • Colorectal surgery (open or lap/incl. Miles)
  • Thoracoscopic sympathectomy/pleural biopsies
  • Proctology (fistula/hemorrhoid: Longo or open)
  • Endocrine surgery (thyroid/parathyroid)