Dr méd. Alain Guidon


Board certified Cardiology, intensive medicine and general internal medicine

Work experience

2016 Physician Assistant, Clinique de La Lignière
2015 Fellow, Cardiac MRI Department, Royal Brompton Hospital, NHS Trust - London
2014-2015 Clinical Director for Cardiology, HFR-Fribourg
2012-2014 Physician Assistant, Cardiology Department, CHUV-Lausanne
2010-2012 Clinical Director, Intensive Care Department, Hôpital de Sion-RSV
2007-2009 Physician Assistant for Internal Medicine and Angiology, CHUV and PMU-Lausanne
2004-2007 Physician Assistant for Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg


2015 Training in cardiac MRI (Royal Brompton Hospital, NHS Trust - London)
2015 MH qualification in Cardiology (CHUV-Lausanne, HFR-Billens-Fribourg)
2012 FMH qualification in Intensive Medicine (Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg-Fribourg, CHUV-Lausanne, Hôpital de Sion-RSV)
2010 FMH qualification in Internal Medicine (Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg-Fribourg, CHUV-Lausanne)
2009 Medical Physician (UNIL-Lausanne)
2004 Federal Medical Diploma (UNIGE-Geneva)


  • FMH (Swiss Medical Association)
  • SVM (Medical Society of the Vaudoise)
  • SSC (Swiss Cardiology Society)
  • SSMI (Swiss Intensive Medicine Society)

Portrait Dr méd. Alain Guidon


French, German, English


Clinique de Genolier
Route du Muids 3
1272 Genolier

T +41 22 366 93 57 secretariat.guidon@genolier.net

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